They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This adage rings particularly true as it relates to posting crowdfunding updates.

Adding media varieties to your crowdfunding updates can help supporters and would-be supporters connect even further to the farm you are raising money for by showing them exactly how much progress you have made.

Here are a few key tips about including photos and videos in your updates:

Use professional equipment when you can. Not everyone owns a professional digital camera, but you should try to make your pictures look as polished as possible.

Highlight the recipient(s) of your aid. Updates are not the place for selfies! Take pictures of the smallholder farmer(s) that you are raising money for. Make them the focus of your updates and images.


Check audio levels. If you are posting a video that includes crucial information, make sure that you check the audio levels before you post the clip to ensure that viewers can hear everything you have to say. Additionally, you should add the key points from the video into your crowdfunding update.

Posting images and videos alongside your updates enables your supporters to visualize what their contributions are going toward. Furthermore, it’s an easy way to instil confidence in your supporters while giving them more illustrative information.

Key Takeaway: Images and videos can give your updates a little extra pizazz. Incorporate them when you can, but make sure that they are of high quality!